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Top tips for an epic film!

Tip1 - When we film on our smartphones it feels natural to hold it vertically, that's the way it was made, but here's why you shouldn't film this way. The majority of screens we watch, whether that be TV, laptops, computers or cinema are widescreen (rectangular shape) so when playing back your vertical recorded clip it will look a little strange to the eye to see black areas above and below the video which is also much smaller to view. Test it out for yourself!

Tip 2 -Variety - To make for a more interesting & dynamic film, mix things up! Film wide shots to show where you are and what you're doing but also film close up's so that you can really capture people's reactions and emotions.

Tip 3 - Establish where you are. When watching movies not every scene has people in them, so when shooting your own, film some of your surroundings to really set the scene of where you are!

Tip 4 - What often gets forgotten when filming home videos is the audio but this can be just as important as the footage! Capturing your child's laugh, a funny story being told or just the sounds of your surroundings will really enhance you film! N.b the closer you are to your subject the better quality the sound will be.

Tip 5- You don't always have to set things up. Just film things as they're happening. Less wooden, more natural!

Tip 6 - Don't make your clips too long, capture the best parts. Most clips will be cut right down in the edit so it keep it to around 30 seconds. Quality over quantity!

Tip 7 - Get Moving! Standing in one place filming for minutes is going to look a little odd when edited into your film. Get creative, film from low down, looking up, shooting through things! The more creative you are with your shots, the more interesting your film will look.

Tip 8 - Last but definitely not least!

Put the phone down and enjoy yourself. It's easy to think you need to be constantly filming to create a great film but what does make it great is genuine enjoyment. Your film should be a true reflection of the amazing memories you have made. Don't let your phone ruin your time!

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