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Why have a film?

  • No faff of looking through your videos to get the best bits, have them all in one film!

  • Great to watch back for years to come.

  • Share with friends and family around the world instantly, just send them the link!

  • Private personalised online menu with links to each film we edit for you.


What kind of films can you do?

Well, this is a question without a clear answer, so we'd have to say mostly anything.  
You could have a film of a particular life event, a comical compilation film or even a stag do film for the best man's speech, the possibilities are endless!
From our research we've found the most popular films are of children & family holidays.  
If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it!


How much footage do I need?

Our package covers up to 5GB of footage, which is around 60 minutes of footage.  We trim this down to the best of the best shots.  Check out our blog on how to shoot the best footage.


Some More FAQ's

How long will it take to edit our film?

We aim to get your film back within 28 day from the date we receive the clips.  We'll stay in touch every step of the way!

Can I choose how it's edited?  And what about the music?

Hey listen, you're paying us to do the job for you, we'll use our expert knowledge of storytelling and editing to ensure you have an epic film!
We don't use any commercial music in our films meaning you won't get sick of watching it after you've heard the song on the radio 10'000 times. This also means you can put it onto social media with no music license issues.

Can I buy this film for somebody else?

In a word Yes! Over the last few years, instead of buying my wife an anniversary present I've made her a film of the years events, she loves them! These films hold such sentimental value and really show you care.
Family or friends abroad? Their film can be sent at the touch of a button!
What to buy for the person that has everything? How about a film gift voucher. Get in touch for more details.


Do you have a loyalty scheme

Yes! The bigger your collection, the bigger your discount. Get in touch for details.

The footage I send, what happens afterwards?

Once we upload your edited film we delete all footage you send.  It is never shared with any third parties.

How and when do I pay?

We take all of our payments via PayPal which must be paid in full prior to editing.


Last few FAQ's

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the personalised product we offer, we do not offer refunds. See T&C's for full details.

Can I post on social media?

Yes, the film is yours, share away! All we request is that you don't alter the edit from the one we have created and don't add any filters onto it.

Getting married?

For a professionally filmed and edited wedding film package, check us out at www.ysdmedia.co.uk or find us on Facebook & Instagram.