With the continued evolution of technology, shooting amazing films has never been easier.  Smart Phones have paved the way with almost anyone being able to shoot HD films with a camera you carry everywhere with you!

Most people take lots of videos on their phones, be it of a family holiday, your children growing up, nights out, life events, I mean the list in endless, right? But what happens to these videos? They take up space in your phone and soon become forgotten!

This is where Dexter's Video Lab comes in.

Already being established filmmakers, operating YSD Media (international award winning cinematography company) since 2013, we have extensive knowledge of storytelling through film.

Whilst holidaying in 2017, we started to shoot small amounts of footage to edit into short family films.    

Not only did these films hold special memories for us, they became extremely popular with our children & close friends who wanted them making with their own footage.

So in 2019 we established our brand new company 'Dexters Video Lab' allowing us to now bring these amazing short films to you too!